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Right Power UPS Malaysia

Right Power UPS Malaysia


Right Power UPS Malaysia Sales and Service

As the pioneer in the development and production of superior UPS systems and solutions, Right Power now has the enviable distinction of being a reliable key player in corporate businesses, education and commercial sectors. Having realised the insatiable demand for reliable uninterrupted electricity power supply, we have therefore taken the initiative to provide innovative, advanced and intelligent UPS systems that are designed to meet the needs of an ever expanding market for system reliability for continuous critical operations.

With our growing line of UPS system here at Right Power, there’s hardly any IT or industrial related product in the market that we haven’t got a solution for ; from desktops and workstation to server and data centres as well as complicated switchboards and medical equipment’s, we assured to you we have an unique and effective solutions.

Right Power offers full range of products from Line Interactive Simulated Sinewave, True Online Sinewave and Smart Pure Sinewave UPS, we also provide full range of heavy duty and high performance Industrial Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs), ranging from 800VA to 10,00KVA.

All our UPS systems are equipped with the latest intelligent power management software. This software is designed to provide real-time information of UPS connected and managing the UPS through Web Browser and Java applet, providing simultaneous data acquisition.

At Right Power, our philosophy guides us into providing products of superior quality, backed up with our professional technical support, and unsurpassed customer service.

With the increase in trade and corresponding demand for quality and safety by the government authorities and consumers in providing assurance on a product which can complies with specified standards, therefore our products are SIRIM Certified complying with IEC 62040-1-1:2002 standard.

Right Power always strives to provide the best to all our partners and consumers an assurance of quality, safety and reliability on our products. This certification also provides an independent assurance that the product is manufactured under an effective system of testing, supervision and control

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